As the launch and continued growth of the Open Research Funders Group demonstrates, momentum around the open sharing of research outputs is building within the funder community. Many organizations have expressed an interest in developing their own open policies. One significant hurdle is a lack of clarity about what factors an effective and comprehensive policy should address. Another is a concern that policies must follow a rigid ideology in order to be considered "truly open". In response to these considerations, the ORFG is pleased to announce the release of the HowOpenIsIt? Guide to Research Funder Policies. Built off the success of the highly visible HowOpenIsIt? Guide for Evaluating the Openness of Journals, this new resource frames the choices funding organizations should consider in developing an open policy. Further, it highlights the spectrum that exists between a fully open and a fully closed approach to funded research outputs.

Interested in sharing with other research stakeholders?  Download a PDF copy.